Black Pearl Oyster (Pleurotus ostreatus) ~ Liquid Culture


Cultivate delicious Black Pearl Oyster mushrooms with ease. Optimal at 22-25°C for growth, fruiting at 18-21°C. Perfect for varied substrates, offering nutritional and sustainable harvests.

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Black Pearl Oyster Liquid Culture – A Mycologist’s Delight

Our Black Pearl Oyster liquid culture offers an exceptional opportunity for both novice and experienced mycologists to cultivate a prolific and versatile mushroom variety. Each 10ml vial is brimming with high-quality mycelium, ready to inoculate your chosen substrate.

Optimal Use & Growth Conditions:

  • Inoculation: Ideal for grain spawn, sawdust, or straw substrates, ensuring a high success rate even for beginners.
  • Colonization Temperature: Keep at 22-25°C (72-77°F) for effective mycelium expansion.
  • Fruiting Conditions: Trigger fruiting at a lower temperature range of 18-21°C (64-70°F) with high humidity levels (90-95%).
  • Light Requirements: Provide indirect natural light or 12-hour cycles of artificial light to promote healthy growth.
  • Harvest: Expect multiple flushes of dense, flavorful mushrooms, perfect for culinary use.

Sustainable & Nutritious: Black Pearl Oyster mushrooms are not only a delicious addition to your diet but also a step towards sustainable living. Rich in protein and nutrients, they’re a healthy choice for any home grower.

Embrace the joy of mushroom cultivation with ‘Earl’s Fungi’ Black Pearl Oyster liquid culture.


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